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Steel Management Systems, LLC

3045 Bath Pike

Nazareth, PA 18064

Phone (610) 837-9700 · FAX (610) 837-8577
Steel Management Systems, LLC's coating plant in Nazareth, PA is a QP3 certified shop facility.  This facility has been applying engineered protective coating systems since 1969.  Our personnel have over 30 years of experience in surface preparation and application of engineered coating systems.  Our expertise spans a variety of liquid coating applications for steel piling, structural shapes and bridges exposed to marine environments and severely corrosive atmospheric conditions.  We have the facilities and knowledge to expertly apply virtually any type of epoxy, coal tar epoxy, zinc rich primer, urethane and shop primer.  Our mission is to be the premier coater and steel processor by constantly improving our process to provide the best quality and service in a safe and environmentally friendly environment. 


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